• Chicken arms, beach balls, and a sharp poke in the knee

    I spent 2 hours yesterday at a workshop at Academy Ballroom in Atlanta learning tango technique from Eddie Ares & Nancy Senner and spins/turns technique for Latin & Rhythm from Jorge Morales.  It was lots of hard work for brain and body but so worth it.  Watching experts like Eddie, Nancy, and Jorge break down the basics of solid dance technique serves as a reminder of how important those basics are.  Improving the basics like posture and frame makes even the most simple steps look more “advanced” because the dancer looks so much more polished and in control when doing the steps.  Plus, correct posture and a solid frame are essentials for good leading and following.

    Chicken arms and beach balls are two images that Eddie used in his part of the workshop to illustrate points about proper dance position.  One of the advantages to taking workshops from different instructors is hearing ideas expressed in different ways.  In two hours yesterday I learned only one thing that totally was new to me (and it was a biggie), but I heard a lot of things I already thought I knew explained and broken down in ways that will help me remember and practice them.  We are planning to start taking some private lessons with Eddie and I can’t wait to be exposed to more of his teaching style.

    Hopefully we’ll start lessons with Eddie in about two weeks.  Daniel saw his orthopedist again on Friday after an MRI on Monday.  The orthopedist said he had a muscle sprain in his knee that had caused the joint to become inflamed.  He had to have an injection into the joint which is supposed to coat the joint and allow the inflammation to heal; he is also taking anti-inflammatories every day for two weeks.  Once the two weeks is up, he should be healed up and ready to dance again.  Hooray!

    Tonight is our monthly Sunday Night Dance Party at the Howard Community Club, 6:30-9:30 p.m.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. DancingMommy says:

    Lessons with Eddie are AMAZING. I had the honor of taking some privates with him in 1997 or 1998 and they really changed my dancing even though they were small in number.

    Good luck and good wishes for a full recovery for Daniel. Sprains/injuries are terrible. I had to go completely to zero physical activity for 6 weeks after a series of steroid injections into my S-I joints. Let’s just say that really put the kibosh on my training.

  2. admin says:

    Hey DancingMommy! Thanks for your comment. Daniel’s knee is doing a lot better even after dancing quite a bit this past weekend. Hooray!

    We are attending another workshop with Eddie this coming weekend. He really is an excellent teacher.

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