• It’s all about the sparkle

    I would never accuse our dancers of doing anything as crazy as reading this website, but this week they did seem a lot more keen on the prospect of dressing up and looking flashy for their performance.  One woman brought a selection of sparkly club-wear for me to adjudicate and the other said, unprompted, that she plans to put on eyelashes.  Yes! Come to the dark side, my pretties.  It’s…actually not all that dark over here, on account of all the glitter and rhinestones.

    The next topic of discussion to arise was that of legwear.  The ladies will be wearing black shoes, black practice skirts, and solid-colored tops with some kind of sparkly embellishment.  But what to put on our legs?  I ran down the options:

    • Nothing. Advantages: inexpensive, convenient. Disadvantages: my legs, at least, are the color of Coffee-Mate.
    • Tan fishnets. Advantages: easy fake tan, jiggle control (irrelevant in our group but still reassuring). Disadvantages: Waffle Butt.
    • Black fishnets.  See above, except for the “easy fake tan” part.  I think black fishnets are a little Halloweeny for real life, but for stage wear, anything can be excused, justified, or accepted.

    Then I remembered that Capezio makes black fishnets with rhinestones up the back seam.  There was definitely an air of excitement in the room when I brought up that possibility.  Unfortunately, the excitement was dampened (at least for me) when I checked online and found that they cost more than $40!  Another brand is available for much less, but there’s an obvious difference in quality.

    Now I am thinking we can buy plain fishnets and do the stoning ourselves.  This idea is a very “ballroom” idea.  I’ve come to believe that left to her own devices, a ballroom dancer will glue rhinestones to anything that sits still long enough.  10 gross of Swarovski is around $40 depending on the exact size of the stones.  That’s more than enough to do 3 pairs of fishnets with extra stones left over to glue to our outfits, shoes, hair, faces…Wonder if I can get WordPress’s snow plugin to rain rhinestones on DLDancers.com instead?

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  1. Joyce Newman says:

    “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” ??
    ala Niel Simon

  2. lauraet says:

    Ha! Totally.

  3. Joyce Newman says:

    Correction ! Not Niel Simon but Simon of Simon & Garfunkle. Probably before your time tho’ :-) J.

  4. lauraet says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I let that get by me. I knew perfectly well that you meant PAUL Simon. That song was on his “Graceland” album that I absolutely wore out when I was in college. Back when “albums” were on cassette and it was physically possible to wear them out.

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