• Rules for the Dancefloor

    Our dancers have been helping us come up with a list of rules for ballroom dancing.  Herewith, the rules so far:

    1. No tickling, no groping: Keep your hands where they’re supposed to be.  Gentlemen, I’m lookin’ at you.
    2. Stand like a king: Daniel came up with this great phrase to characterize the ideal male dance posture that is both regal and relaxed.
    3. Respect the bubble: Baby & Johnny had this one figured out a quarter-century ago: “This is my dance space; this is your dance space.  I don’t come into yours; you don’t come into mine.”
    4. Don’t snatch: In the South you can use the verb “snatch” to characterize any action of grabbing something suddenly.  Snatching your dance partner is not cool.  Some moves appear to require snatching, but this is an illusion.
    5. You can’t go till he goes: Ladies, this one’s for you.  Your partner gets to decide when you start dancing.  Wait for it. . . wait for it. . .
    6. Don’t “Hulk out”: Concentration does some odd things to one’s facial expressions, neck veins, hand grip, etc.  Keep it loose and light.  (If you start to turn green, you’re doing it wrong.)
    7. No apologetic birds, no sad princesses: Dance big and smile!  Everything you do will look better.

    I think I am leaving some out.   Guys & gals, leave me a comment if you remember one that I forgot.

2 Responsesso far.

  1. Joyce N. says:

    Addition to #2. Ladies should also have a regal posture.

    Exception to #3. Argentine Tango dancers enter each other’s space with Sacadas and Ganchos etc.

    Addition to #5. In Argentine Tango he should wait ’til she goes before he goes. ie. He leads, she goes, he goes. She should always WAIT for the lead tho’ before she goes!

  2. Joyce Newman says:

    A small addition to the addition to #5. In discussing this topic with Clint Rauscher, our AT instructor last Sunday, he reminded us that the woman should not commit to her weight change until she feels him commit his weight to the step. Therefore, it’s actually ” He leads, she goes, he goes, he stops, she stops.” (This allows him to vary the length and timing of each step as he interprets the music) :-) J.

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