• Dance Music Playlists! Today: Tango

    Our new dance friends Steve & Sam were asking us about tango music and I suggested that I could post a playlist for them and anyone else who’s interested.  This “Tango Music” playlist is very unscientific; I spent a half-hour or so  clicking around on YouTube and just compiling what I liked.  Hopefully I can create and post these regularly as the groups learn different dances.

    Incidentally, I’ve noticed that ballroom music is often very inexpensive on iTunes.  I just found an album called Strictly Tango (from their Strictly Ballroom series) by New 101 Strings Orchestra that is just $3.99 for 14 tracks.  That type of music will be very traditional and maybe not the most exciting to listen to, but it is made for ballroom practice and is “strict tempo” (i.e. falls within the tempo range prescribed by syllabus for each dance) so it can be useful.  There are lots of other similar groups and albums; let us know if you want a second opinion on any particular album or song.

    And . . . enjoy the playlist!  I put in some traditional ballroom tango, some Argentine, some neo-tango, and a couple of pop covers in tango style.  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Joyce Newman says:

    Not Bad ! Pa Bailar is one of my favorite Nuevos for Argentine Tango. La Cumparsita is very nice. Tanguera by Sexteto Major is hard to dance to. Never cared much for Libertango for dancing. I have lots of traditional and nuevo tunes that I would be glad to share with you. For some additional ideas, check out Clint’s http://www.tangology101.com page. He publishes a Tanda of the week (a selection of 3 -5 tangos that are similar in some way) for dancing.. He also has a Tango radio broadcast that has listeners all over the world. You can find the link on his web page. Keep on dancin’ Tango !!!! It’s good for your brain ! :-) J.
    PS Haven’t listened to all of your selections yet. Will get back to it.

  2. lauraet says:

    Thanks, Joyce! I tried to cover the waterfront. Eddie Ares turned us on to “Pa’ Bailar” and to Bajofondo in general. It seems like not all nuevo tango is danceable but darned if I couldn’t listen to it all day long. Thank you for the recommendations!

  3. Joyce Newman says:

    ….and not all Argentine Tango music is danceable. In the culture, the music comes first and the dancing is secondary. Ther is a lot of Argentine Tango that I just love to listen to in the car, and elsewhere, that is not really danceable.

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