Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

We offer group classes on Tuesday evenings at Madison Studio, 1575 Forest Hill Rd. in Macon. Typically we schedule a 3-week session each month focused on one dance, then a week off before the next session starts. Cost for the session is $45 per person. Contact us to be added to our email list and receive each month’s schedule.

We are also available for private instruction at $60/hr.; this is a great option for wedding dances or those who want to work on specific skills with or without a partner.  Contact us to schedule your lesson!

In accordance with USA Dance policies for amateur dancesport athletes, we do not promote ourselves as professional dancers or compete as professionals.

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I would love to get more information on upcoming classes. My fiance and I have been wanting to do something like this for months.

Hi Kayla! Just saw your commment; thanks! Our next class–American-style tango–will start Tuesday, October 10. 8 p.m. at Madison Studio, 1675 Forest Hill Rd. in Macon. 3-week session; $45 per person for the 3 weeks. Will you please email me (laura at dldancers dot com) if you are able to join? We could also set up a private lesson if you can’t make it to the group class. Thank you!

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