• Comp Diary #1: Preparations

    A while back I had this idea to do a Competition Diary, hopefully illustrated with pictures, of our participation in the Carolina Fall Classic next weekend in Greensboro, NC.  Then last night I was lying in bed in a sudden panic about whether we’d remember our Smooth routines, and I realized that the diary really needs to start well before the competition starts:

    Mid-March 2010: Received first email announcing that last year’s High Point Classic Dancesport Championships has moved from High Point, NC to Greensboro, NC and been renamed accordingly.

    June, July, August: More emails reminding us about the competition.  Started trying to sort out days off work; decided on Carolina Fall Classic in preference to Atlanta Dance Classic or Stars over Macon (snif!).

    September 14: Registered for the competition one whole day before early registration closed.  In the USA Dance world, competitors pay one price to dance in everything we’re qualified for.  One is allowed to dance up one level and down one age category, so we dance Silver (our level) and Gold (next level up) Smooth and Rhythm, Senior I (our age category, based on the younger partner’s age) and Adult (next age category down).  At this competition, Gold Smooth requires us to dance Viennese waltz and Gold Rhythm requires us to dance Bolero, so we will have to cram to learn those two dances.

    September 26: Crammed for V-waltz.

    October 2: Crammed for Bolero.

    October 14: Realized that departure for comp is 8 days away and, per usual procedure, we have not practiced enough.  Lay in bed and mentally ran through routines.  Seriously questioned whether 90 minutes on Saturday will be enough to fill in any serious gaps in VW and Bolero.  Reminded myself that we can always scratch Gold events if we have to.  Diverted myself by making Exhaustive Pre-Comp To-Do List (reservations, comp schedule, dress code check, tan, shop, pack, mani/pedi) and Exhaustive Pre-Comp Packing List (street clothes, costumes, non-costumes, makeup, eyelashes, shoes, Blister Block, and remember to bring ballet slippers this time so I’m not wearing polka-dot socks in all the awards pictures).

    October 15 (today): Regular registration deadline.  Check entry list on O2CM and note with pleasure that almost everything we’re entered in will be a semifinal.  Start praying that we make all the finals…

    Anticipated highlights of tomorrow’s Comp Diary: Rounds. Sweating. Gatorade. Mint-flavored foot lotion.

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  1. Jamie Wyatt says:

    Mint-flavored foot lotion???? Are y’all sucking toes?
    Or did you mean Mint-SCENTED! LOL! That last line made me laugh out loud, thinking of y’all in your dance attire with “mint flavored feet!” The mental image simply overwhelmed me!
    Do you say “Break a leg” for dance competitions, or just stage productions?
    Good luck! Praying you make finals, and get good videos to post, too!
    Thanks for posting my blog link!
    L, J

  2. lauraet says:

    Oh, dear! I need to remember that we have a fellow writer/editor amongst the readership. Heehee! Must write with greater precision in the future–or maybe not, if the laughs are worth it! :-)

  3. Jamie Wyatt says:

    THAT laugh WAS worth it! LOL!

  4. lauraet says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say: ballroom competitors mostly just say “good luck” but ballet dancers say “merde,” which I rather prefer!

  5. Dahlia says:

    I’m quite sure Laura meant mint-FLAVORED foot lotion (giggles from the way-back machine ensue).

  6. lauraet says:

    Minty feet forever!

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