• When feminists do the mambo

    We started learning a mambo routine in our lesson with Eddie today.  The mambo is going to be our nemesis, at least for a while.  I understood “on2″ when Johnny Castle explained it.  For that matter, I understand it when Eddie explains it.  Then the music comes on, the tempo is INSANE, and we are both struggling to keep up.  But it’ll come.  Rome not built in a day, etc.  Eddie, you see, used to be world professional mambo champion.  Asking him to teach the mambo is like asking Daniel to root for the Canadiens.

    I had to tell Eddie that he is not allowed to put that “conga drum motion on my butt” thing in our routine.  Not that Daniel wouldn’t like it (heehee) but it’s…a little objectifying, don’t you think?  I explained to the gentlemen that “this is what you get when a feminist does the mambo.”  Already I have to learn to shimmy convincingly and with a straight face.  My objection to the shimmy is not so much ideological as psychological.  I don’t think of myself as the shimmy type.  I will after this, I suppose.  Meanwhile, Daniel has concluded that a half-hour of mambo a day will take care of any worries he has about excess weight.  Who knew dancing was such a source of self-improvement?

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  1. LKPNYC says:

    I am with you 100 % on the butt-drumming!! As for the mambo, I doubt there is any dance you two can’t master.

  2. lauraet says:

    Thanks, LKP! And now I am thinking of adding a “No Butt-Drumming” design to our t-shirt choices.

  3. Jamie Wyatt says:

    Laura, You just need a slightly different perspective! You know you aren’t a “sex object,” so you there is no need for you to think negatively about Butt drumming being objectifying! Who cares what other people might think? It’s what you KNOW that counts! You are TOTALLY IN CONTROL! You have every right to CHOOSE whom you will ALLOW to drum on your butt! I think it should give you a sense of power knowing you have the confidence and panache to CHOOSE to be “Butt Drummed!” If you begin to think of yourself as the “Shimmy Type” (and the butt drumming type) you will be one amazing “Butt-drummed Feminist Shimmy-er!” Can’t wait to see you and Daniel doing your own version of Eddie’s routine!

  4. lauraet says:

    Jamie, that is an awesome perspective! Of course, now, “Butt-Drummed Feminist Shimmy-er” will have to be a t-shirt as well!

  5. Joyce Newman says:

    Butt drumming! Hmmmm, wonder if there are categories for Bass, Tympani & Snare ???

  6. lauraet says:

    Oh, Joyce, I think we’ll get ourselves in trouble if we examine the metaphor that closely!

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