As we prepare for the Garden City Dance Challenge this coming weekend, it’s time once again for Exhaustive Pre-Comp To-Do List and its little buddy, Exhaustive Pre-Comp Packing List!  And away we go…

    To do before Friday morning

    • Finish learning new rumba routine
    • Practice rumba routine
    • Run through Smooth routines a couple times each
    • Be prepared to believably fake it in swing and cha-cha
    • Reserve hotel room
    • Buy eyelashes
    • Locate eyelash glue
    • Also buy leggings
    • Finagle dresses in & out of bags
    • Turn hanging bag, dance bag, and dresser drawer inside out in search of missing dance briefs
    • Give up and buy new dance briefs
    • Get heat list from organizers
    • Apply self-tanner
    • Curse own ineptitude re: self-tanner
    • Double-check contents of dance bag: shoes, makeup, hair spray, extra tights
    • Do nails
    • Panic
    • Consult with parents re: arrival time at hotel*

    To pack before Friday morning

    • Street clothes
    • Practice clothes (I always forget practice clothes and end up buying random track pants & sports bras at the nearest Target)
    • Makeup: foundation, concealer, powder, gel eyeliner, eyeshadow, shimmer powder, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss, eyelashes, mascara
    • Nail polishes
    • Tanner
    • White dress
    • Red dress
    • Black & white dress
    • Fishnets
    • Leggings
    • Pantyhose (must buy)
    • Smooth shoes & Latin shoes
    • Still camera
    • Video camera
    • Outfits for Daniel: black pants, black button-down, black pullover (sensing a theme), tie(s), hat, shoes x2, socks
    • Laptop?
    • Relevant chargers & cords
    • Toiletries (luckily we are driving, so none of that 1-quart Ziploc bag nonsense)
    • Sweater/hoodie to wear between heats
    • Ballet slippers ditto

    *Did I tell you my parents are coming out to see us compete?  SO EXCITED.  Probably will not manage a Comp Diary this time around but will post after we get back for sure, hopefully with pics and video.  The Web site does not mention professional video, which means personal video should be allowed.  Stay tuned!  We leave Friday, compete Saturday, and return Sunday.  Woohoo!

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